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  • The Dragon does not do details

    The Dragon does not do details

    He knows what he likes and what he does not like is knowing more about what he likes.

  • Owen’s Code

    Owen’s Code

    It’s important to have a code. For Owen, that code is to laugh at anything that is funny, no matter the consequences. Some call him a hero.

  • To Ask or Not to Ask

    To Ask or Not to Ask

    Owen should know by now that he needs to ask Petunia more than once if she’s okay and that he should use glue instead of twigs to bind pieces of paper together. Someday, Owen. Someday.

  • Vote for the Dum No Friends StinkButt!

    Vote for the Dum No Friends StinkButt!

    Not sure if “stinkbutt” is one word or two, and neither is Becky. Connie says she knows, but I think she is just putting on an act so everyone thinks she is smart

  • Leave the Bait Alone

    Leave the Bait Alone

    One thing you can say about Connie and her crew: They are industrious. When they set their minds to bullying they really commit to it.

  • Can Owen Count?

    Can Owen Count?

    Whoa the meanness got ramped up! Poor Owen, even when he’s not there he’s the butt of the joke, even when an actual butt figures into the action.

  • Jealousy Rears Its Logical Head

    Jealousy Rears Its Logical Head

    We’re back from another extended break! But much like the train that falls off the tracks, it only takes us several weeks to repair the damage and regain the momentum we have lost

  • Relative Time

    Relative Time

    On a grand scale, twenty and a million are actually very close together. I bet once they start talking about billions and trillions Petunia’s mom will feel pretty silly for making the distinction…

  • You Gotta Do It Yourself

    You Gotta Do It Yourself

    It’s really all about having the right tool for the job. Sparrows don’t respond well to 5-7 smelly dudes in armor yelling and charging at them! Try just whistling or like having some seeds or something! Sheesh!

  • So Dumb

    So Dumb

    The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry, but sparrows nail it every time.