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  • Owen’s Code

    Owen’s Code

    It’s important to have a code. For Owen, that code is to laugh at anything that is funny, no matter the consequences. Some call him a hero.

  • Piecing Together a Bad Idea

    Piecing Together a Bad Idea

    Owen! Learn to read the room!

  • To Ask or Not to Ask

    To Ask or Not to Ask

    Owen should know by now that he needs to ask Petunia more than once if she’s okay and that he should use glue instead of twigs to bind pieces of paper together. Someday, Owen. Someday.

  • Owen, You Sweet Idiot

    Owen, You Sweet Idiot

    We’re back! An unexpected break for the holiday to recharge a bit. It’s that old saying: You can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose; but if you have a friend like Owen you have to stew quietly while he says something completely stupid. Also, Owen is really going hunting for some treasure…